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Who we are

Auto Expert Guides Mission

First of all, let us thank you for visiting our page to check more information about us! We assume, you’ve asked yourself “Who are the guys behind the website?” Here we are!

Our #1 mission is to make buying process easier, more enjoyable, and provide useful guides you can try right after reading. We hope to inspire our readers through skill-based tutorials, comprehensive tech guides, and in-depth/unbiased gear reviews.

Our Story

Auto Expert Guides was created in 2018 by two automotive technicians (or just auto mechanics), Lucas and Thomas. While working at auto repair service, Lucas wanted to increase his knowledge and get in-depth niche researches and information. He couldn’t find information he was looking for, so right after a dialogue with Thomas an idea about Auto Expert Guides was born.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Ok, we won’t (yet we want to:) tell you sparkling story about how we were born with a screwdriver and wrench the hands. But here are basic statistics based on our experience:

  1. Work experience in total: 19 years;
  2. Both have accreditations from ASE Education Foundation;
  3. Repaired cars in total: 2175;

Hence, you are dealing with experienced who can help you by performing their main mission.

How Do We Rate the Products?

As you see, we’ve created the 10/10 rating for our product review articles. You may wonder “Why should I trust your rating?”, and here is our simple, but smart way to rate:

  1. Each product rating is based on the 10-point rating.
  2. Overall quality – 2 points;
  3. Price – 2 points;
  4. User reviews (quality/quantity ratio) – 2 points;
  5. Product characteristics compared to similar products – 2 points;
  6. Our personal impression – 2 points.

Seems legit, right?

Lucas Cappel

Who we are?

Lucas Cappel

Lucas was born in Detroit, Michigan, and this fact predetermined his future for many years.

Since childhood, Lucas was passionate about auto industry, so later he decided to work in this industry and get professional education.

Quick facts about Lucas:

1. Favorite cars: JDM cars (1992 Acura Integra RS, 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-X KGC10, Mazda RX-7 FD);

2. Work experience: 14 years, since 2004;

3. Certifications: GM ASEP (1998), BMW ADP (2004), Toyota T-TEN (2007).

Thomas Nemel

Thomas Nemel

Thomas was born in Arlington, Texas. His father started family auto repair shop close to downtown in 1994, and after Thomas graduated with a college degree in economics he took over the shop for his father.

In 2015 Thomas met Lucas at Cincinnati Car Expo and from that time their friendship was born.

Quick facts about Thomas:

1. Favorite cars: BMW, VW, classic muscle cars (1962 MG MGA, 1965 Dodge Coronet, 1973 Dodge Charger);

2. Work experience: 4 years;

3. Certifications: AYES (2008), Mercedes Benz USI (2009), BMW ADP (2012).

At last, but not least, you can find us on Facebook: