to start a car with a bad starter

How to start a car with a bad starter

08 Aug 2019

Certainly, everyone who owns a car has at least once in their lifetime been through the experience of not being able to get your car going in the worst possible moment. You can leave your troubles, caused by the disobedience of your vehicle, behind, as we will show you how to start a car with a bad starter.

What can cause problems with the starter?

So, you’ve been repeatedly turning your ignition key but the engine remains deaf to your pleas?! Of course, you are frustrated, but maybe it can be helpful to know what can cause the issue. Let’s take a look at what a starter needs to function properly: a positive current coming from the battery, a trigger and positive current to the starter solenoid from the starter relay.

Starting a car with a bad starter

Okay, so now when we established what can cause this annoyance in your life we can move on to giving you some tips on starting a car with a bad starter. You will see that these tips can be quite useful and will enable to turn on your engine and reach a mechanic without having to call for a tow truck. Now you are probably wondering can these tips apply to all types of cars. We can say that we hope that the advices we give you here will answer both questions: How to start an automatic car with a bad starter and also how to start a vehicle with manual transmission?

Can it be a connection problem?

As we have seen the starter needs electricity to run smoothly as it is part of the electrical circuit so the first thing you need to check is the connections. Sometimes a cable can be lost and thus transmit less flow of electrical power and that’s where your problem might lie. Check the joints of all cables that are connecting the battery with the starter, you cby shaking them a little bit to see if something is loose.

If everything is all right you can try fixing this issue using jumper cables and trying to ignite your engine that way.

The problem with grounding wires

The second possible cause for ignition problems can come from the ground wires. The starter itself doesn’t have a ground wire, instead, it is supplied with the ground through contact with the transmission. So if one or more ground wires are rusty or have any kind of problem, you might encounter difficulties with getting your engine to work.

Make sure to have jumper cables, because using them you can easily solve this problem. With these wires, you can provide direct ground to the start frame and the starter will turn easily if this was the issue.

Is your power unit dirty?

If your accumulator is corroded then your vehicle will surely experience a lot of difficulties regarding the power supply. The dirt and grease can accumulate and corrode the clamps and terminals of the battery.

You can clean it with fine- grade sandpaper, it will remove dirt and rust. Another option is to make a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water, 50: 50, let it soak and wait for a couple of minutes and then wash it with hot water.

Both ways should be efficient for cleaning the power unit and the ignition should return to its original state.

Tap on the battery using some kind of tool

This is also quite simple and one of the oldest tricks. If you are having problems bringing a machine with a bad starter to work but you are certain that there is electrical supply because the wipers are working perfectly then you can try this one out.

Take a hammer or a similar tool, even a pipe would do if you don’t have anything else and tap a couple of times because the problem might come from a part that got stuck.

This is an excellent trick but there are two issues you might encounter here. One is you have to be 100% sure where is it and second the starter has to be reachable which can be a problem with some newer models.

Try to move your car by pushing

This is another old trick, probably as old as road vehicles. If nothing else works out the only thing left for you is to push manually. So, turn the ignition key and set the transmission to first or second gear. Stay inside and press the clutch while a friend pushes the car from the back. When an automobile reaches a certain speed around 5mph or 8 km/h you should let go of the clutch ‘cause it’s enough for the engine to start running.

Final thoughts on starting a car with a bad starter

In case you encounter difficulties with getting your wheels back in the service now you have learned a few tricks how to overcome this situation without getting overly frustrated. And it should work in resolving both the questions how to start a car with a bad starter automatic and manual.

But keep in mind that their tips serve only as a temporary solution. The will most likely work in a particular situation but it doesn’t mean that your problem went away. It just means you got some additional time to go to the mechanic and get your automobile checked and fixed properly.

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