The Best Transmission Fluids in 2019: Buyer’s Guide and Review 2019

08 Aug 2019

Transmission, like a car engine, needs regular maintenance, regardless of its type (mechanical, robot, automatic or CVT). Such maintenance should be understood as regular replacement of best transmission fluid, oil filter, cleaning of transmission pallet from dirt, replacement of gaskets, among other things.

In this case, an important point is the selection of the best transmission fluid, which is carried out taking into account a number of conditions and features. Replacing the transmission fluid is a routine procedure that should be performed at a specific time. Read the manufacturer's recommendations to understand when you need to pour new oil in a gearbox. In severe climatic conditions, the fluid loses its properties faster. Sudden temperature drops, severe frosts, and high humidity significantly reduce the life of the oil.

TOP 4 Best Transmission Fluids Compared and Reviewed

1. Valvoline MaxLife

1. Valvoline MaxLife

Getting a synthetic fluid may be less strenuous but getting this kind of pulp may be the luckiest thing ever to serve your vehicle the cool transmission needed and run a smoother operation with the cheapest and arguably the best fluid compatible with any transmission spec or requirement in getting the desired result. This Valvoline MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF is a composition of a fully synthetic ATF made with an advanced addictive aimed at preventing major causes of a break in transmission and preserving transmission durability. Developed purposely for preventing leakages, ensuring the high qualitative performance and uninterrupted transmission, preventing transmission wear and enhancing smoother shifting other than the conventionally sold fluids. It is very much compatible with a hell lot of ATF transmission application to wits; Ford, Toyota, Gm, Honda, Dex/Merc, Mercon LV, Lexus, Nissan among other specs. Make an instance smoothness of shift in what can only be trusted pals, do a flush or drain and make a transmission with this fluid. You will definitely get the vibe like OMG! This is incredible.

Valvoline has examined through an intensive testing, independent scientific research, and field-testing to endorse MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF high qualitative performance within the widest range of transmissions. It must, however, be noted that MaxLife Multi-Vehicle ATF has not been licensed by OEM.

  • Fully synthetic composition with an advanced addictive
  • Prevents leakages
  • Ensures high qualitative performance and uninterrupted transmission
  • Prevents transmission wear and enhance smoother shifting
  • Recommended for and compatible with several manufacturers’ spec, endorsed by Allison TES 389 and C-4, Valvoline and certified by JASO-1A
  • Not licensed by OEM
  • Not compatible with Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) or dual-clutch transmissions and ATF+4

2. Royal Purple Max ATF

2. Royal Purple Max ATF

Be on top of your world dudes, stand the chance to use this product and see the dramatic magic a fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid can do as against factory-fill; semi-synthetic ATF. Its high level of performance, low co-efficiency of friction and high film strength helps to drastically reduce heat and wear. It suffices to say that high levels of heat which causes overheating are usually generated by the use of Automatic transmission and equitable use of qualitative transmission fluid is needed to cool the heat and ensure formidable protection. A minimal degree Fahrenheit reduction in fluid temperature can fortify and elongate the life span of a transmission. Max ATF is durable, suitable and compatible with other automatic transmission fluid; however, for optimum results, drain totally or flush all the current oil and then fill with the undiluted Max ATF synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Result of usage would be largely noticeable as smoother shifting and lower trans-tempo would be obtained. You will be amazed at the enhanced acceleration, smoother and higher operation, greater shifts, and reduction is lag when moving from cruising to higher acceleration. Do yourself a favor, port to this product and enjoy maximum protection and satisfaction.

  • Improved acceleration
  • Cooler automatic transmission
  • Smoother operation
  • Stronger shifts
  • Compatible with other automatic transmission fluid
  • The reduction is lag when moving from cruising to max acceleration
  • JASO-1A certified
  • Compatible with Dexron III, Mercon V, ATF+4, Allison C-4, Honda ATF-Z1, Mazda ATF-MZ and M III, Toyota T-III and T-IV, and among other manufacturers’ specs and requirement
  • Not conforming to Dexron VI specs

3. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF

3. Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF

The emergence of this automatic transmission fluid product has been very helpful and momentum in resuscitating, rejuvenating and meeting up with specs of different manufacturers engine to wits; GM’s Dexron III and Ford’s Mercon V. Though not compatible with GM’s newer Dexron VI specs and requirement, this juice, however, gets on a car engine’s ass and makes a good ride. Dudes often get an excellent ride with the effective use of this in car engine base on its excellent efficiency in putting the engine under proper and cooler condition during transmission thereby adjusting to an apt acceleration. Subject to its highly synthetic fluid, Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF enjoys an unparalleled pedigree flowing with a colder temperature than any other product with an exceptional viscosity index of 176. It works perfectly by promoting a quiet flow and cooler transmission temperature.

  • Quiet flow and cooler transmission temperature
  • Perfectly soothing or exceeding Japan’s JASO-1A specs and requirements
  • Perfectly compatible with Dexron III, Mercon V, Allison C-4, Volvo 97340 and 97341 and MAN 339 V1
  • Excessively stable Group III base stock with Group IV additives
  • Not compatible with GM’s newer Dexron VI specs and requirement
  • Cost-intensive

4. Castrol Transmax

4. Castrol Transmax

This product makes use of Group III base oil in the process of its Transmax full synthetic ATF. However, most of their transmax transmission fluid is based on mineral oil. Trust me; this is the easiest way to get a very cheap synthetic rather than the pricier synthetic out there. This product is compatible with most Honda, Toyota, and Nissan among other Japan manufacturers. Its enhanced friction durability makes transmission performs more smoothly with formidable protection against high temperature purposely to effectively resist any fluid oxidation. This product incredibly has low-temperature fluidity during cold weather shifting, and it is found to be exceeding most passenger car and light truck among other manufacturers’ spec and warranty.

It is not recommended where Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVTs) or Ford Type F or GM DEXRON-VI fluids are required for use.

  • Licensed and permitted by OEM,
  • Not cost intensive unlike the other promising but less productive fluids
  • Addictive give more thermal protection
  • Smoother shifting
  • Extra seal conditioners available by high-mileage version
  • The synthetic fluid does not commensurate with other competitive fluids
  • Intervals of mineral oil drainage are more than synthetic

Types of Best Transmission Fluid

The type is determined by the composition of the oil. Today, it is possible to distinguish three main types of transmission fluid:


Such best transmission fluids are made from oil distillation products. Compounds are less tolerant of temperature extremes than the synthetic ones, which require more frequent replacement and are poorly suited for extreme conditions and high-quality transmissions.


Such transmission fluids are made from components obtained by artificial means. They are considered to be more advanced than mineral. In this category, there are oils for expensive cars that are demanding on the quality of fuels and lubricants. In addition, the synthetics do not pollute the system.


It is a tradeoff between the two types described above. Such liquids consist of both mineral and synthetic components. Such compositions have more advanced characteristics than mineral, while they are much cheaper than synthetic.

Best Transmission Fluid Buying Guide – What to Look at?

The choice of best transmission fluid on modern fuel and lubricants market is huge. It is obvious that many drivers in the selection of lubricants are wondering which transmission oil is better. Let’s distinguish what are the main criteria to consider.


The most important characteristics of the best transmission fluid are indicated on a bottle. API designation indicates viscosity grade. This indicator can be equal to 75W; 80W; 90W or 110W. More so, manufacturers emphasize that the higher is figure indicated, the lower is temperature regime maintained by this composition. The best option is an oil with an index of 100W, which is considered suitable for most modern cars.

Type of Transmission

When choosing the best transmission fluid, you should first pay attention to which gearbox it is intended for. The automatic one will be ATF-labeled and have a red or green color. Colors are used to distinguish between oil for manual and automatic transmissions since ATF is less viscous and has additives that prevent foaming.


Also, the best transmission fluid can vary in seasonality. There are fluids for hot climates and for operation at constant negative temperatures. Most modern gear oils are all-season. They operate in the range of -50 ° C to +50 ° C; do not lose their properties in cold and in heat.

Quality Class

Don’t forget to consider a quality class. It is marked with letters GL and numbers from 1 to 5. In modern cars, oils of a class not lower than GL 4 are used. They have high requirements for anti-seize and anti-wear properties.


The best capacity of a package in which fluid is delivered is actually the amount of oil in the scope of supply. For a full refueling, usually, about 3-4 liters are required. In trucks, this value is noticeably higher (up to several dozen liters). Accordingly, choice in terms of volume depends on which car oil is bought and for what purpose. This can be either topping up or full replacement. Remember that every car has its own requirements and needs. So, you should not feed it with the wrong type of transmission fluid, because it can lead to bad consequences.

The Best Transmission Fluid. Final Advice

Now, you should be able to make the right choice as for the best transmission fluid. Based on our research and product reviews above, the Honda auto transmission fluid is the winner. It is chosen to be the best transmission fluid 2019 due to numerous positive characteristics. If you like your vehicle, choose this oil to avoid problems with the gearbox in the future. You will notice smooth shifting at various temperatures. Thanks to a proper low oxidation rate. Moreover, it fully corresponds to Honda quality standards and has no negative ratings from drivers. In addition, this transmission fluid by Honda complies with international API standard specifications. Nothing can provide optimal performance and durability of your Honda better than using genuine high-quality oil. Now it’s up to you to make a final choice!

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