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7 Best Tire Inflator To Buy in 2019: Choose What Suits You Best

Last Updated: 23 Jan 2019

Any motorist will have to face minor repairs on the road: you cannot insure yourself against such things as a puncture. But if earlier the handheld tire inflator was a faithful companion of the driver that during the time of pumping the wheel it strengthened the main muscle groups at the same time, now there is a wide choice of best tire inflator compressors at the disposal of motorists. And the range of the best tire inflator compressors is so rich that it is rather difficult to understand the assortment. What do you need to pay attention to first of all while choosing the best tire inflator and deciding which is the best tire inflator to choose?

What Is it?

Best tire inflator is a modern pumping device designed to pump tires or inflate them. This is a fairly simple device, but its durability depends on the quality of its basic elements. So, let's look into what the main details of the device are:

  • housing;
  • motor powered by electricity;
  • gauge;
  • cylinder.

These are the main devices of a modern best tire inflator with gauge. The motor is the heart of any device. The engine provides a built-in battery or powered from the network by connecting to the vehicle battery through the cigarette lighter. The housing of the compressor should be made of metal, the legs can be made of plastic. The gauge can be digital or mechanical.

Why Do We Need this Product?

Many people have no idea what the auto tire inflator is for. This unit is required in every vehicle. It is used to inflate the wheels and determine the pressure in the tires. Best tire inflator 2019 devices are large and small. Miniature models can be taken with you on a trip by placing in the trunk of a car, large ones are fixed in the garage permanently. According to some of the tire inflator reviews, these devices are able to assist in painting the car body. There are instances with a built-in flashlight and auto-off function.


What Is the Main Criterion for Choosing the Best Tire Inflator?

The compressor is selected for a specific type of tires. Productivity will provide the necessary speed of forcing of air. Compression in heavy vehicles, buses is different from light cars.

What Is the Maximum Working Pressure?

It is the best indicator that provides a compressor during operation. As a rule, it is measured in atmospheres (PSI), less often in bars (Bar) and kilopascals (KPA). Most passenger cars has a sufficient indicator of tire pressure is the range from 3 to 4 atmospheres (PSI). By the way, this value is used by almost all modern models of passenger cars. As for jeeps and vehicles with a high load capacity, this parameter should be slightly larger.

What Are Benefits of Digital Gauges?

Electronic pressure gauges with liquid crystal displays are more accurate. In addition, such best devices are in most cases equipped with an auto-stop system. This is a very convenient option. You set the required amount of pressure on the screen, after which the air compressor inflates the wheel according to the parameters you specified and immediately switches itself off after that. The whole process is almost automated.

What Is the Optimal Tire Pressure?

On passenger cars (except SUVs and trucks) tires are pumped to a pressure of 1.7 - 3.5 kg / cm2. Therefore, buying the best tire inflator, specify its performance (measured in liters per minute). Thus, an automatic compressor with a capacity of 30 to 40 liters per minute is able to pump up a wheel of up to R16 size quickly, but it will be more difficult for an SUV wheel. If you are the owner of the jeep, it is better to take a compressor with a capacity of forty-five liters per minute. By the way, more powerful devices are connected directly from the battery using clips, and not from the standard cigarette lighter socket. This is in order to protect the standard wiring of your car from overload and fire.

How Important Are Some Additional Feature?

It would be nice if in your chosen model of the best tire inflator will have an option to turn off the compressor automatically when the case temperature is exceeded. Models with a built-in LED lighting are convenient for the night when you can light on the wheel that needs to be pumped up.

What Feature of the Tire Inflator Is the Most Beneficial?

Drivers prefer compact size of the compressors, which will take up little space in the vehicle, because you have to carry it with you all the time. A long twisted hose (up to 7.5 meters) with a pressure gauge does not interfere with the equipment.

Are Additional Nozzles Necessary?

A set of nozzles will provide an opportunity to pump a variety of equipment: tires for motorcycles, inflatable boats, balls, mattresses.

Top 7 Best Tire Inflators Compared and Reviewed

Our rating
(9.3 / 10)
For tire inflation, hobby air brushing, finish nailing & staplin

1. Best Overall: Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator Audew

1. Best Overall: Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator Audew

Audew Cordless Air Compressor is the best tire inflator, bike tires, pool toys, balls, or whatever you need for inflation. The inflator comes with a rechargeable battery, multiple tips/nozzles, and a 12V car adapter base. There is an LCD display to indicate the current pressure and the buttons to set the automatic shutoff point. As soon as the preset pressure is reached, the inflator turns off automatically. If you need to get air for your tires or pool toys without visiting gas stations, Audew Cordless Air Compressor is perfect for this aim.

  • Convenient storage for all the tips and adapters;
  • A preset pressure shutoff feature;
  • LCD display;
  • Lightweight;
  • Multiple tips/nozzles.
  • Noisy;
  • Quality of plastics.

2. Best Tire Inflator with a Built-In Pressure Gauge : Viair

2. Best Tire Inflator with a Built-In Pressure Gauge : Viair

Despite its impressive performance, this Viair 400P-RV model of the best tire inflator has a rather small size. That is why this compressor can be called mobile. Very convenient and easy to use, due to its compact size it takes up little space in the car trunk, so the road will always be at your fingertips. With this unit you will not have the slightest difficulty to inflate the tire size of 35" according to the viair portable air compressor review. In the best Viair model lineup, this model was the first to have an automatic shutdown function after it reaches the required pressure. With this function you can measure the pressure in the wheels. It is also convenient when moving from inflating one tire to another, the unit stops at that moment.

  • Does not require the use of oil;
  • Teflon used for the manufacture of a piston ring, has excellent performance;
  • The strength of the air valves causes the material to be stainless steel;
  • The kit includes 3 needles of different diameters, a bag for easy and trouble-free carrying.
  • The kit also includes a special gun, with a built-in pressure gauge.
  • Price;
  • Hot in its metal parts.

3. Best Tire Inflator with Dual Gauges: Campbell

3. Best Tire Inflator with Dual Gauges: Campbell

Campbell air compressor is perfect for use in a small workshop, or around the home. This best portable, oil-less inflator can be a very good choice due to its lightweight construction, easy of transportation, and can deliver good air to run low air consumption tools and tires. Campbell Hausfeld belongs to the 'Quiet Series' of inflators. Thanks to its 80% duty cycle, you can use this device for 48 minutes out of each hour.

  • Up to 50% quieter than conventional 1-HP compressors;
  • For tire inflation, hobby air brushing, finish nailing & stapling;
  • Dual piston-pump system;
  • Produces up to 25% more air compared to other 1-HP units;
  • Dual gauges let you monitor tank and tool pressure.
  • safety valve is awkward to reach;
  • drain valve is located on the bottom of the tank.

4. Best Value: Slime

4. Best Value:  Slime

Slime is ideal for quick inflation of tires, as the best manufacturer states that it will inflate a typical car tire in only two minutes. This best tire inflator has several features and it can be a good option for car owners. Furthermore, its price is very competitively. Without any doubts, it is much faster than other models and it is suitable for a variety of car tires like ATV tires, motorcycle, etc. The Slime tire inflator is powerful and strong. The Slime air compressor is durable and portable. It also has a carrying case and a LED lighting. In addition, some accessories are offered with this tire inflator.

  • Fast and powerful;
  • Internal thermal breaker;
  • Built-In pressure gauge;
  • Bright LED light;
  • Accessory adaptors included.
  • A short hose;
  • Not for heavy tires.

5. Best Compact Tire Inflator: Viair00088

5. Best Compact Tire Inflator: Viair00088

Viair portable car compressor is compact, light, but very strong and productive device. Viair compressors are manufactured in the US, which guarantees high quality at an affordable price. The best tire inflators from this manufacturer are characterized by thoughtfulness, ease of handling, durability. This best automobile compressor has needles of various diameter for inflation of mattresses and balls, and also a bag for storage and carrying.

  • Stainless steel air valves;
  • Waterproof and dustproof;
  • Set of 3 needles of different diameter;
  • Power LED;
  • Plug for connection to cigarette lighter with integrated fuse holder.
  • No accessories included;
  • Not for large tires.

6. Best Tire Inflator with the Easiest Control: JACO

6. Best Tire Inflator with the Easiest Control: JACO

Jaco tire inflator is an example of the best tire inflators with a number of great features. It can boast of an easy to use and efficient design. This tire inflator will make an excellent addition to your home tools and it’s quite portable to be stored in your vehicle. Thanks to a 24-inch inflation hose and the gauge, the unit is extremely accurate and the controls are ideal for easy night use. It has a 10-foot cord so you don’t have to put the main part of the device inside your vehicle. Its easy to see digital gauge and easy control buttons, you can operate the device simply by pressing the oversize buttons on the unit itself.

  • Ultra compact, portable, and highly efficient;
  • Smart Pressure Technology;
  • Bright LED light with 4 settings;
  • Highly accurate digital tire pressure gauge with bright LCD backlight display;
  • 24″ air hose.
  • Some durability issues;
  • It takes a long time to build up enough pressure to fill a car tire.

7. Best Selling Inflator: Powerhouse

7. Best Selling Inflator: Powerhouse

With the best tire inflator Powerhouse Campbell Hausfeld Inflator you may not worry of any accident with your tires. You can program the desired PSI level (up to 100 PSI) for your tire whatever vehicle you have. The LED lighting is ideal for using at night. The best cooling fan is turned on when it is necessary to avoid overheating. As soon as the desired pressure in the tires is obtained, the motor shuts off automatically.

  • A user friendly digital interface;
  • The powerful motor (up to 100 PSI);
  • The threaded air hose valve;
  • Built-in LED light;
  • Includes sports needle and inflation nozzle;
  • Not for large tires.

Types of Best Tire Inflator

There are only two best tire inflator types: piston and diaphragm-type. Both species are widely represented in stores. They are radically different from each other, although outwardly it is almost impossible to distinguish between them.

Piston Best Car Tire Inflator

Its very name indicates how air is produced in this device. This is due to the piston, which makes a reciprocating movement inside the chamber. In this type of inflators there is a connecting rod and a shaft, so it is worth paying close attention to these details. The best tire inflator will be the one in which the connecting rod is located on the engine shaft. If this item has a plastic connection with a roller, then such a device will not last for a long time. Also, be sure to pay attention to what material the parts are made of. If galvanized, plastic and other fragile materials are used, then there is no point in spending money on such goods. It will serve quite a bit of time, and no one wants to undertake its repair. In this case, it is better to buy a quality piston compressor once. Stainless steel is the quality material that is better to see in the device.

The piston pump is good due to the following qualities:

  • It is very powerful and suitable for servicing even trucks and special equipment of any type.
  • It is convenient to inflate tires with such a device in any weather.
  • If the compressor is selected correctly, it will last for many years.

Among the minuses can be noted:

  • In the event of a breakdown, the repair of such a compressor is either very expensive, or it cannot be repaired at all.
  • The need to track work, not allowing the device to overheat. Due to the high load it can break.
  • Selection of this type of the device requires a more thorough approach to the question.

Diaphragm-Type Compressor

The operation of such best tire inflators is provided by a membrane, which, like in piston-type compressors, performs reciprocating movements. The membrane is made of rubber, and this is its significant plus. The fact is that if it becomes unusable, it can be replaced very easily, moreover, the part will not be expensive. Due to this, such pumps break rarely.

So, among the advantages are the following positive qualities:

  • The durability of such a device is undeniable. It will last a long time;
  • If the diaphragm-type compressor fails, it must be repaired, and replacement of the membrane is a simple procedure.

But it has his drawbacks:

  • First, the power of such an auto-compressor is much lower than that of a piston tire.
  • Secondly, in cold weather, such a pump will not be able to help the motorist. It must be operated in a heated garage. On the track in the cold it will be absolutely useless.

Thus, considering all these nuances, it is possible to draw initial conclusions about which tire inflator to choose. The owners of SUVs, who would like to choose a diaphragm-type inflator should not be upset. 3-4 atmospheres for it is the norm, and this amount is quite enough.

Best Tire Inflator Buying Guide - What to Look at?

Without any doubts, the most popular device for your car is a tire inflation compressor according to the tire inflator reviews. Also, many use it to inflate boats, balls and other things. In general, the thing is not something that is just necessary, but simply obligatory, especially on long-haul roads. But here is the problem, now the market is full of a huge number of different best tire inflator types, ranging from the simplest and most compact, to powerful and almost professional options. Which one is the best tire inflator and which one to choose, so as not to lose and overpay? Let’s try to understand this.

Despite the fact that all best types of best tire inflators have the same purpose, they differ in terms of operation and efficiency. That is, the compressor capacity for passenger cars is absolutely not suitable for application to freight transport. This device has differences even between the classes of vehicles, for example, between a regular sedan and an SUV. Therefore, when choosing a tire inflator you should be very careful.

Auto Shutoff

It is best to purchasethe best tire inflator with automatic shutoff. This is very convenient when the sensor is triggered by itself and there is no need to control the inflation. Also, a good feature is the control in piston units for overheating. To avoid breakdowns, it is necessary to give preference to the device with the function of thermal control. Thus, you can kill two birds with one stone at a time.

Digital Gauges

Almost all auto compressors are equipped with a gauge. The pressure gauge can be analog or digital.

Digital gauge is considered much more accurate. Such devices often provide the ability to automatically shut off when a given pressure is reached. This is especially convenient in bad weather. You can connect and turn on the best tire inflator with gauge, and then just sit in the car and wait for the device to finish.

LED Lighting

On the one hand, a LED lighting seems unimportant, but on the track at night a flashlight is very useful. So it is necessary to give preference to models equipped with the LED lighting, if you plan to go fishing, hunting or to the country.

Multiple Attachments

Many air compressors today are multifunctional. With their help, you can not only inflate tires, but also a mattress, a ball, a pool. For this purpose, special nozzles should be provided

AC/DC & Cordless Tire Inflators

It is worth paying attention to the best power system, because work largely depends on it. Whatever the power of the best tire inflator is, the cord should be quite long or absent at all. If the cord is initially short, you will have to increase it, and this is not always convenient.

The power itself may be different. Consider all the options:

Automotive tire inflator from the cigarette lighter. It belongs to those types that work from the automotive network. It has an average power and is quite easy to use.

The Best tire inflator working from the automobile accumulator. It is similar to what works from the cigarette lighter, but is more powerful. It will be able to pump all four tires without much difficulty.

Battery-powered air compressor. The power of such a device is not enough for a long use, and only in this fact it is inferior to its competitors. For small cars it can be quite acceptable.

Combined models.

Choosing best tire inflator, you should pay attention to one small, but extremely important detail. Today, cigarette lighter pumps are very common. Choosing this, you need to pay attention to the current strength of the cigarette lighter fuse. The current required by the compressor may be higher than this indicator, then you have to use power cords, and nobody would want to do that.

Air Compressor Noise

The noise level of modern compressors lies within reasonable limits and does not cause inconvenience to others (usually not more than 75 dB). Therefore, making the right choice and observing the instruction manual, you will get a quiet portable air compressor and a reliable and loyal assistant for many years to come.

Tire PSI Rating

One of the main tasks of a car owner is to control tire pressure. Neglecting this factor can lead to various troubles, such as high fuel consumption, poor handling, rapid wear of rubber, as well as the possibility of tire damage during operation. Having bought the best reliable car compressor for tire inflation, you will be able to independently control the pressure and pump up the wheels at any convenient time, even during a trip on the road. The excess and decrease in tire pressure against the factory norm affects the car’s handling, comfort and wear and tear of the tires themselves. So over inflated tires cause the effect of a “jumping” car and wear rubber occurs in the center of the tire, while reducing the contact patch with the road. With the best tire inflators, the edges of the tires will wear out and the force on the steering wheel will increase, since the contact patch with the coating will be above the norm. At the same time, both a decrease and an increase in pressure will affect the operation of the brakes and the change in stopping distance, which will affect the general driving safety.

Portability and Ease of Use

The ideal air compressor should be productive, reliable, durable, while taking up little space and cost cheap. But the device with all the listed qualities is unlikely to be found, something will have to be sacrificed. For example, compact compressors are often not sufficiently productive and heavy-duty, and a quality best tire inflator is unlikely to be very cheap.

The Best Tire Inflator: Final Advice

Summing up, it is worth saying that the choice of the best tire inflator is a serious and not absolutely simple occupation. Be sure to pay attention to the warranty of the best tire inflator. It should be included, because all manufacturing companies control product quality. In order to make the right choice in favor of the best tire inflator, you need to understand well what functions the device will perform. We highly recommend the Tire Inflator Audew as the best option to choose

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