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8 Best Remote Car Starters – The Ultimate Guide for 2019

08 Aug 2019

Are you dreaming of the best remote car starter? Every driver dreams of a warm car seat without losing valuable time for warming up the power unit in frosty mornings. Also, drivers want to be set off immediately, without fearing the consequences of driving with a cold engine. The opposite situation concerns the summer heat, which car owners would love to hide from, in a car pre-cooled with an air conditioning system. The modern auto market has a solution for such problems – choosing the best remote car starter. It is a high-tech device that is similar to the alarm key fob and provides the remote start of the engine. It performs certain functions controlled by a small electronic device.

You should note that the engine can be auto-started by the best remote car starters in two ways:

  • Close to the car (within 400 meters radius), it is possible to use a special remote, usually performed in the form of a keychain. The command can also be sent from a mobile phone. Unfortunately, if there is a considerable distance, the use of a manual remote mode is not possible;
  • There is the possibility of programming autorun at a particular time or at a given temperature. It is used in cases when the driver is too far from the car. This best remote car starter is excellent for protecting the power unit from freezing.

The command sent by the driver or received from the device causes the security alarm to disconnect and the lock to release. The rotor of the best remote car starter is set in motion. The flashing of the car’s signal lamps and the flickering of the LED indicator confirm the successful start of the engine. The starter disconnects after the operation of the power unit. If the automatic system fails the first time the engine is started, repeated attempts are made to switch it on, with a gradual increase in the scrolling intervals. This is an advanced feature that the best remote start system should have.

There are specially developed autorun systems that can independently determine the causes of engine failure. Having performed the required diagnostics, such programs notify the driver about the detected problems.

In the frosty period, the autostart of the engine at certain intervals becomes necessary. Such a useful function prevents the overcooling of the power unit. Besides, talented inventors developed a program that triggers the autorun system when the engine reaches a specific temperature. This option prevents the oil from freezing, periodically warming up the unit when it cools considerably and can be found in the best remote car starters.

TOP 8 Remote Car Starters Compared and Reviewed

1. Directed Electronics Inc. 4806P Python LED 2 Way Remote System

1. Directed Electronics Inc. 4806P Python LED 2 Way Remote System

In this choice, you can protect the car a lot better and appreciate different great features as well. There will be a stress-free time to perform a start on your car.

It uses LED remotes and an option having a one-mile radius. The stylish and sleek design is another good thing about this product. It also comes with four auxiliary outputs allowing you to set up additional remote prompts. This is indeed for those who prefer functionality that much.

On the contrary side, this model lacks the compatibility feature if you opt the SmartStart App. However, this seems to be a very small drawback.

2. Compustar Pro T11 3-Mile Range Pager

2. Compustar Pro T11 3-Mile Range Pager

Coming from a reputable brand, you are guaranteed a good performance. This one assures high-quality built that could deliver something unalike than others. This system as well as presents a modern design that everyone would love.

Plus, it features reliability and quality performance. Indeed, it works magnanimously just as you want. Though it offers multiple features, still it gives you value for money.

3. Viper 4706V 2-way LCD Remote Start System

3. Viper 4706V 2-way LCD Remote Start System

Another best model which should be in your list is the Viper 4706V. This remote start system comes with some great features making it simply likeable. Knowing that Viper is referred to as a well-known brand when it comes to car security, you’ll also get the same thing with this one. Delivering good performance, people are indeed comfortable using this.

With regards to installation, you wouldn’t have a hard time at all. If in case you’re not that sure, asking help from professionals can do. It could consume up to an hour or two for the installation process to be completed. With its one-mile radius, this one seems to be your other best. You’ll have an improved range compared to others.

And you’ll love the fact that this system is well-matched with a smartphone App. With this, you can already have extra control of your system effortlessly.

Only a few interface flaws seem to be the drawback of this system.

4. Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

4. Avital 4103LX Remote Start System

Avital 4103LX comes with excellent features worth using. The installation is a trouble-free process, that’s why expect that you're done the soonest. This system comes with two remote transmitters wherein you could have one as your replacement as you misplaced the other one.

It also features panic mode which would sound its alarm system at the same time would flash the parking lights. Valet mode is also a great feature of this product. It would allow the valet in taking over the car and simply allow it running even when you removed the key from the car.

But for some reason, reliability could be better for this car start system.

5. Crimestoppers Rs7-G5 Cool Start 2-way System

5. Crimestoppers Rs7-G5 Cool Start 2-way System

Though this option seems to cost a bit higher compared to other products, it is still worth the price. First, there is an assurance of versatility as it supports different kinds of vehicles. Also, both diesel and gasoline engines are being supported and the same with hybrid cars also.

And a great thing about this car is that it could twitch two cars. Based on how it’s installed, it could deliver such kind of functionality. It offers adequate features as well, particularly regarding performance. The comfort of programming is also guaranteed wherein you could have up to 31 programming functions.

It also comes with a decent range making it a lot easier to use. You also have multiple options to choose from like its LCD Display which could show you precisely what happens into your car once a specific button is pushed.

6. Compustar CS4900-S 2-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System

6. Compustar CS4900-S 2-Way Remote Start and Keyless Entry System

This model provides a striking range, 3000 feet, that can work perfectly in terms of versatility. You could start the car remotely and easily from a distance as well as unlock its doors as you get nearby it.

There are additional selections for the buttons too. There will be distinct buttons for opening its power liftgate or unlocking the trunk. Imagine you have things in your hand, with this, it would be a lot easier to open.

There will be two remotes allowing you to enter the car if ever you misplaced one of its keys. There is also full 2-way capability together with LEDs and the lights ensure that you know once a requested action is successfully completed.

Nevertheless, this system isn’t suitable for manual transmission vehicles.

Compustar CS800-S 1-Way Remote Start

Compustar CS800-S 1-Way Remote Start

With this option, the process of installation is relatively easy compared to other models out in the market. It comes with numbers of parts making it great in installation. Setting it up is faster than the usual.

This system allows for hot or cold automatic start. And you could be wherever within a 1000ft range then start it easily. There are multiple buttons too so you could control some other facets of the car.

This model works great though for diesel engines. The design is simple nonetheless functional and generally easier to use. Only that, some would say that the range still needs improvement.

Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security with Remote Start System

Python 5706P Responder LC3 SST 2-Way Security with Remote Start System
And last but not the least, why not pick something that offers a long range of functionality. It has a range of a mile that is enough for a remote start system. You’ll definitely have enhanced control of your car with this range. The alarm sound is also magnificent. Once the alarm is triggered easily, and you’re in your office, simply disable it through a push of the button. And the presence of the LCD display also makes it beneficial on your part for you to be aware of the status of your car. When it comes to installation, it’s a lot easier and faster too. But, this model could still use some hardware improvements in the near future. Just pick which remote start system best suit your car and your needs, of course! Hit like, share and comment!


Buying the best remote car starter for your vehicle can be a complicated process if you do not know what you are looking for. How do you choose the right remote starter? Decide on the functions that are most important to you. Do you want to be able to get a vehicle parked just across the road? Do you live in a region with a cold climate? Are you interested in an ignition system that allows you to start the car engine without pressing a button? All these aspects are essential questions that you have to ask yourself before making a purchase.
Best Remote Car StarterBuying Guide
We recommend you to pay attention to the following aspects while choosing the best remote car starter:
  • Check the duration of the warranty and what the manufacturer does in case of malfunction;
  • Trust a proven brand;
  • Check the range of the transmitter; it must be reasonably good;
  • Locate the remote key with the safety switch under the bonnet;
  • Watch how the motor works with this sensor;
  • Consider installing an opening system if your car does not have one. If you have a factory opening system without a key, you can add such a function to your console;
  • If you want, you can get additional features, such as heated seats and rear windows defroster;
  • Does your remote-control work as a car alarm? It might be more advantageous to buy a car alarm with a remote start.


This unique tool is designed to start the engine in the driver’s absence, for people with high demands, who are accustomed to maximum comfort. This device may feature ignition in advance, allowing the car to warm up in winter or to cool down in the summer. In this manner, the owner of the vehicle can sit behind the wheel in the cabin with an optimally pleasant temperature and immediately start driving. We think that the best remote car starter is the Viper remote car starter. It is the best remote car starter, based on our thorough reviews, in comparison to all the other products that we tested. We cannot name Avital Remote Start System 4103LX the best remote car starter. Yes, it has the best price, but, unlike the best remote car starter from Viper, it has some cons. If we speak about our best remote car starter 2019, Viper has a great instrumental kit, a vast range of work and compatibility with different cars. Yes, this best remote start system is not cheap, but it is well worth the money spent on it.
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