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6 Best Night Vision Glasses for Driving: The Ultimate Guide for 2019

Last Updated: 04 Mar 2019

It may come as a surprise for many that it is possible to pick best night driving glasses and not just shades to use in the daytime. The best night driving glasses are completely different from the sunglasses used in daytime – in terms of their need and usage. The best night driving glasses have to be effective at lowering the intensity of light sources. Hence, the best night driving glasses will not be going up against harsh UV light.

What Are the best night driving glasses?

The best night driving glasses are meant to offer a better vision for a driver against oncoming light sources, which can be blinding in some circumstances.

Why You Need This Product?

There is a greater need for this product due to the dark environment making light sources brighter than they actually are. These night driving glasses will be able to reduce the stress of driving at night.

Do Night Driving Glasses Really Work?

The use of polarized lenses makes these products highly effective. They are excellent when it comes to cutting down on the intensity of light – especially the high beams from vehicles in the opposite direction – to eliminate doubts about ‘do night driving glasses work?’.

What Are The Best Night Time Driving Glasses?

There are many choices for being the best night driving glasses but products from reputed manufacturers like Lumin are always at the top of the list.

How Can You Improve Your Night Vision For Driving?

The vision can be improved by giving the windscreen clean. The use of best anti glare night driving glasses also lets more light pass through the eye for better vision.

Should Night Driving Glasses Be Polarized?

The use of polarized night driving glasses significantly cuts down on the glare from opposite vehicles while driving at night. These lenses can also block the UV rays with a wavelength of up to 400 nanometres.

Top 6 Best Night Driving Glasses Compared & Reviewed

1. Best Overall: LUMIN Sol/Vector

1. Best Overall: LUMIN Sol/Vector

These nighthawk night driving glasses offer the perfect amount of protection from glare. It makes it possible for drivers to enjoy perfect vision and the advantages are especially pronounced when the road surface was wet. The lens on the product is of the highest calibre – as seen by best night driving glasses reviews – in order to reduce any eye fatigue. It is one of the best products on the market in terms of UV protection, as it blocks of both UVA and UVB rays. The design of this best night vision glasses for driving is also quite attractive, but it is more of functional design with a focus on keeping it light so that it can be used for extended periods.

  • UVB and UVA protection
  • Excellent value for money
  • Wayfarer style for unisex use
  • No polarized lenses
  • Does not offer a glass case

2. Best Day and Night: BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses

2. Best Day and Night: BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses

Even though this brand has been in existence only since 2015, they often feature in the night driving glasses reviews by virtue of possessing products that can serve during nighttime and daytime with aplomb. The yellow tint on the glasses is great for night driving but they may not be ideal for sports, as seen by anti glare night driving glasses reviews. Most of the harmful effects of UV radiation are taken out by the UV400 protection feature. The lens is shatterproof and does not fade over time, as seen by the night vision glasses review.

  • Best UV400 protection
  • Full kit
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lenses
  • Contrast suffers in darkness
  • Size is a bit small

3. Best Value: ATTCL 8177

3. Best Value: ATTCL 8177

This product does not just solve the question of ‘what are the best night driving glasses?’ but it also happens to be an excellent fashion accessory as well as being a great product for night driving purposes. The durable and rigid frame certainly gives out the expensive price for this HD night driving glasses. At the same time, the glasses are not heavy and they can be worn for a long period of time without any discomfort. It is not recommended to use these products for sporting activities like fishing and cycling, but they are great style accessories at night. A total of seven designs are offered for buyers, as seen by the night driving glasses reviews.

  • Adjustment to fit a person is extremely easy
  • Lightweight material for excellent fit
  • Greater scratch resistance to the lens

4. Best Style: Myiaur Night Vision HD

4. Best Style: Myiaur Night Vision HD

The night driving glasses reviews read this as one of the stylish products on the market, as the classic aviator design fits any face at any time of the day. It also results in a greater field of vision. The use of the yellow lenses does result in UV400 protection, and the lenses themselves are capable of resisting scratches and operations. The frame is made out of metal alloy which is quite durable, as seen by night driving glasses reviews.

  • High-quality hinges that are also flexible
  • Frame comes with advanced coating technology
  • Needs time to settle

5. Best Wraparound: Duco Night Vision 8953Y

5. Best Wraparound: Duco Night Vision 8953Y

This Duco glasses review focuses on a product that is great for people who use prescription lenses, and they can be great women's night driving glasses is available in different sizes for both men and women. In order to provide the numerous sizes, there appear to be compromises made with regard to the quality. Still, this product comes with a durable and lightweight frame that house lenses capable of fighting glare with ease. Since these clear night driving glasses come with a silicone nose pad, it is capable of going alongside the prescription glasses without trouble.

  • Excellent UV400 protection
  • The frame is lightweight and durable
  • Excellent glare reduction
  • Contrast boasting is not great
  • Polarized material quality is average

6. Best Vision: Lumin 4332641470

6. Best Vision: Lumin 4332641470

In our night driving glasses reviews we need to mention that this product ranks quite highly for producing great vision at all times. The yellow tint on the lens reduces eye strain and glare, while the frame is shaped in such a way that even peripheral vision is protected. The advantages of this product become quite obvious on a wet road or foggy night. Most night driving glasses reviews of this product are especially impressed with the product being able to absorb both UVA and UVB rays.

  • Anti-radiation technology for the lower headaches and fatigue
  • Excellent tint
  • Great vision
  • Package contents are not great

Types of Best Night Driving Glasses

The best rated night driving glasses can be split up into two major types depending on the polarisation offered. They are:

Polarized Film

The polarisation of lenses can also be done by gluing a polarized film onto the standard lens. This can be quite effective at cutting down on the glare and light intensity. However, there is a likelihood of objects being distorted if the finishing process is not the best. This type of polarisation is extremely cheap, according to night driving glasses reviews.

Polarized Tint

The factory construction of polarized lenses makes a substantial difference with regards to the quality, as the vision is much better. It is possible to achieve a lightweight nature, high levels of clarity, less fade, and greater durability through these products. However, these also tend to be very expensive and they are often featured in the best night vision glasses for driving.

Best Night Driving Glasses Buying Guide — What To Look At?

There are some key factors to keep in mind while picking up the best night driving glasses. Even though one of the primary functions of these products happens to be preventing glare from opposite headlights, they also have an important task of cutting out other lights that may cause acute blindness if constantly exposed to the same. Some of the key features to look out for in the best night vision glasses for driving are:

1. Polarized Lens

The process of squinting eyes in order to reduce the light going into the eyes can end up causing a lot of fatigue to the eyes over a period of time. This will only worsen the problem if left untreated. The polarisation of lenses is done to remove the horizontal light waves and the best night vision glasses for driving typically allow only the vertical light waves to go through. Polarisation can be done by manufacturing the lens to function as a filter, while it can also be done later by applying a film.

The most expensive form of polarisation – largely seen on Ray Ban night driving glasses – happens to be architectural, but it is also quite durable and will last a long time. The natural polarisation of the lens material results in a consistent output but the lens continues to have a long life.

The cost-effective way of polarisation is applying the film. Even though it works out much cheaper initially, this type does not last very long and can fade over time on the best night view glasses.

It should be remembered that polarized lenses do make it difficult to look at power displays, as these are meant for use in night vision glasses for driving.

2. UV Protection

Even though the best night driving glasses may appear to be meant only for night usage, it is certainly not the case since they come with UV protection. There is a huge problem with regards to cutting out UV rays during the daytime. The light patterns in the daytime can affect the eyes in the same manner as during the night, but our mind perceives the latter to be more difficult.

The best night time driving glasses are not meant to cut down the intensity of daylight, but it can be highly effective at helping the eyes stay clear of UVA and UVB rays.

#UVA Rays

Most of the sunglasses tend to offer protection from these rays. Even though these rays tend to be dangerous, they are comparatively lower in terms of intensity. The majority of the UV radiation is provided by UVA rays, but most manufacturers tend to focus on this aspect alone since these rays are easier to block. The real sign of top rated night driving glasses is the ability to protect against the real harmful content.

#UVB Rays

The UVB rays may constitute only about 10% of the UV rays but protection against these happen to be difficult and costly. If the protection is provided for these rays, the manufacturer also has to take care of the UVA rays. The UVB rays are more harmful due to their greater intensity, but their strength is largely limited between 10 AM to 4 PM. Hence, most of the best night driving glasses tend to skip on this feature, which is more crucial for daytime glasses.

3. Lens Material

The materials used on the nighttime glasses are restricted compared to daytime glasses, as the main function of the best night driving glasses serves to amplify light and reduce glare. The two major types of materials used are:


This is the most common material for the best night driving glasses 2019, as they are extremely durable while being relatively cheap. Most of the brands tend to advertise shatterproof glass and they are largely made up of polycarbonate lenses. These best night driving glasses also happened to be substantially lower in weight compared to traditional plastic lenses. However, the disadvantage is that they do sacrifice on the optical quality.


These are the best lenses for best night time driving glasses, but they are also less common. The Tivex happens to be the actual material while SR-91 is merely a polarized version of the same. Even compared with polycarbonate lenses, these products are lighter, better at withstanding impact and they are also less prone to scratches. It is possible to obtain a very clear image using these best night driving glasses 2019 gets, but they are not prevalent due to the exorbitant costs.

4. Lens Tint

The tint may appear to be an important aspect for a daytime sunglass, but it is not the case since the best night time driving glasses also need to possess some degree of tint. Crucially, the only colour of tint used in these products happens to be yellow. Since these products have to face lights of different wavelengths, it is important that a different coloured lens tint is not used as it may not react well, according to night driving glasses reviews.

#Yellow and Amber

Most of the manufacturers tend to provide an amber lens or yellow tints on their best night vision glasses for driving purposes. This practice is largely done in order to amplify the quantity of light in a low light situation, while it also reduces the amount of blue light.

The amber tint will be able to work on both aspects, but yellow tints are more preferable since they are effective. The amber tints are better when it comes to dusk and dawn situations when the light conditions cannot be classified as ‘low-light’ even if the conditions are slowly deteriorating.

Even though yellow will bring about distortion to the colour, it is not a significant problem since the colours would actually dim down anyway. The amber colour does produce distortion but not as much as yellow tints. It is one of the reasons for amber being preferred in the best night vision glasses for driving during dusk and dawn.

The Best Night Driving Glasses. Final Advice

The best night driving glasses are quite hard to spot due to the various parameters that affect the quality of products in this segment. The best night driving glasses will be able to provide a class-leading vision while still providing great protection from glare and UV rays. The one product that manages to hit all the right notes in the competition for best night driving glasses happens to be LUMIN Sol/Vector. This can be rightly crowned as the best night driving glasses by virtue of providing excellence in almost every regard. They offer value for money, clarity, and great UV protection amongst many other features.

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