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6 Best Garage Floor Paints: Top-picks to Buy in 2019

08 Aug 2019

"One of the biggest benefits of repairing your floors is that you have the chance to choose a long-lasting and crack resistant garage floor paint which can help you keep your garage looking good. Choose a color or style of garage floor paint to re-decorate your garage interior, making it a more lively and comfortable place to store possessions and work in.

Lastly, when it comes to choosing the best garage floor paint in 2019, you will need to do your research. No one likes sitting around looking at each individual garage paint product. So we’ve taken most of the work out of this process. Instead of having to do the research of garage floor paint yourself, we’ve looked over the reviews, pros, and cons of each product. Here is our list of the best garage floor paint 2019 based on garage floor paint reviews."

FAQ on the Best Garage Floor Paint

Here are the most common questions asked when it comes to the best garage floor paints using garage floor paint reviews:

What Is the Best Epoxy for Garage Floors? What Is the Best Concrete Paint?

The best garage floor epoxy is the Valspar brand. The best epoxy floor coating features a unique and strong mixture that withstands the harsh environment in your garage.

The best concrete floor paint we’ve found is the RTG brand, as its superior blend allows you to use it in your home without having to worry about any issues with odor or VOC.

How Much Does It Cost to Epoxy Garage Floor?

This likely depends on if you’re getting it professionally installed or not. An epoxy floor can cost up to $6 per square foot if done professionally. However, you can cut those costs in half by doing it yourself.

What Kind of Paint to Use on Concrete Garage Floor?

When it comes to painting the best concrete paint garage floors, you’re going to want to stick to only a few types of paint. While there are at least five different kinds that you could use, only a few of these work well on concrete. We’d recommend epoxy, latex, or acrylic.

Top 6 Concrete Floor Paints Compared and Reviewed

1. Quickest Drying Garage Paint: Drylok GAL Dove Grey Paint

1. Quickest Drying Garage Paint: Drylok GAL Dove Grey Paint

The UGL Company mainly focuses their products for sealants, paint, and exterior coatings. Because their company has been focused on doing this for so long, they know how to manufacture some of the best quality painting products on the market. Most of their paints can be used on top of a concrete floor.

However, this product is only recommended for consumer use. While it may seem tempting to use it for your business, the formula isn’t crafted to last through tough situations. Essentially, it isn’t strong enough to go through the daily abuse that woodworkers or mechanics usually put it through.

This paint is still one of the best out there. It’s the quickest drying garage paint we’ve found, which means you don’t have to air out for multiple days. On average this paint takes less than 24 hours to dry, which allows you to park your car in it by the end of the day. Also, you can use this paint both indoors and out, which makes it versatile. The only downside is that the Drylock is a surface paint, which means that you’ll only be able to use this paint on the top layer.

  • Fast drying
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Can be combined with other paints
  • Low solid content

2. Best for Concrete Floors: Rust-Oleum Pro Floor Coating Kit

2. Best for Concrete Floors: Rust-Oleum Pro Floor Coating Kit

The Rust-Oleum company focuses their energy into developing multiple types of coatings, paints, and seals. However, many of these products are developed for a wider range of uses, which is a step up from most other companies.

Out of all the paints on our list, this one is the best concrete paint of 2018. However, note that this doesn't mean the Rust-Oleum is the ultimate garage floor paint, as it does have its pros and cons.

This paint will likely appeal to professionals as it’s designed to be truly durable on garage flooring. It’s created from the material epoxy, which means this paint can handle harsh treatment and impacts without cracking or chipping. It also stands up to chemicals and solvents that are commonly used in engineering, mechanical, or woodworking professions. On top of that, this unique blend has good binding with concrete floors and features a tight seal to prevent decay.

However, there is one big downside to this product and that it won’t give a glossy finish. Instead, the final result is looking splotchier than a smooth finish does. Even to get a better application, you’ll find yourself needing at least 5 minutes of consistent stirring to get the paint ready to apply.

  • Durable
  • Exceptional on concrete floor
  • Strong sealing
  • Difficult to apply

3. Best Budget: Valspar Epoxy Kit Premium Clear

3. Best Budget: Valspar Epoxy Kit Premium Clear

The next paint on our list is the Valspar Epoxy Kit. This company is well known for their paints, sealants, and coatings. However, they also specialize in many other products which have been designed to be contractor grade. The Valspar ranks in between both the UGL and Rust-Oleum option, making it suitable for home use.

When it comes to having the best overall value, we’d have to say the Valspar is our top pick. This floor paint is relatively inexpensive, making it perfect for covering large areas or for home use. It is also easy to apply, which means that you won’t mess up or find yourself having any issues along the way. Lastly, this paint has a smooth,

However, there are still some drawbacks to this paint. The Valspar works best as a top coat, not a base coat. This means that it has certain limitations in terms of using it on your flooring. In fact, you may need to apply multiple coatings to get a very durable floor. This means more time, energy, and money for the best concrete paint.

  • Inexpensive
  • Glossy finish
  • Anti-skid additive
  • Easy to apply
  • Low viscosity
  • Needs multiple layers

4. Best for Large Areas: Epoxy Acrylic Concrete Floor Paint

4. Best for Large Areas: Epoxy Acrylic Concrete Floor Paint

The next on the best concrete paint list is the Kilz paint products. They feature a wide range of painting products that are well known and respected for their superior mix and reasonable pricing. The Kilz primers are also some of the best on the market, often a favorite of many professionals.

This floor paint is unique, as it’s the only acrylic garage floor paint that we’ve found that can hold up to the others. Because of this, it does have significant advantages than others on the market, but it still does have some drawbacks.

It’s an excellent product if you need to redo or design a large area for your home. It’s not recommended for industrial use, as this flooring can’t take a beating. It features a less expensive formula that makes it easier for homeowners to afford.

There are still drawbacks. One of the biggest ones is the fact that this paint has a very long drying time, almost a few days. While this doesn't bother most, if you have a setup in your garage you won’t be able to use it for a while.

  • Inexpensive
  • 2-in-1 paint
  • Easy to apply
  • More product per bucket
  • Long drying time

5. Best Versatility: RTG Concrete Floor Paint

5. Best Versatility: RTG Concrete Floor Paint

The next best concrete paint product is the RTG paint which is one of the most versatile on our list. The company is known for making durable products that can be used on all types of flooring. This paint is explicitly made for concrete floors and is one of the best because it provides many resilient qualities not found in other garage floor paints on the market.

This product features waterproof properties, which allow your floors to have a durable toughness to withstand most situations. The paint has a low VOC, so you can apply it without a chemical smell. It’s a safe product which can be used in workshops or stores.

When it comes to utilizing it, the process can’t be much smoother. It should be applied with a wood and masonry paintbrush or by using a roller. The paint is a fast-drying formula, which has a smooth finish and makes cleaning up easier on you. The light does reflect off the glossy finish, making the room look better.

The only downside of this product is that while the paint does offer you a nice glossy finish, it does scratch easily. We recommend only using this product in places that see medium to light use.

  • Quick drying
  • Applied directly to the surface
  • Good on concrete floors
  • Covers large areas
  • Scratches easily

6. Best Natural Appearance: Eco Advance Waterproofer

6. Best Natural Appearance: Eco Advance Waterproofer

The last best concrete paint product on our list is an eco-friendly brand that has been designed to be used around the home. If you have a family or pets, it’s important to keep them away from chemicals found in paint. With the Eco brand, you’ll be keeping your family safe. The material is made from Siloxane and is strong and long-lasting.

The formula of this garage floor paint is waterproof and can be applied to multiple types of flooring.It features a smooth finish, which can withstand harsh situations, resisting water, debris, and dirt. As for application, this product is very easy to apply. All you will need to do is spray the bottle onto the flooring.

Unlike other brands, this product dries with a matte finish, which helps maintain a natural appearance. It’s also eco-friendly which contains very low traces of VOC, making it an odorless formula. The only downside is that the bottle isn’t that big and needs multiple layers to protect your floors properly.

  • Discolor protection
  • Concrete floors
  • Spray around plants & pets
  • No streaks
  • Easy application
  • Needs multiple coats

Best Garage Floor Paint Buying Guide – What to Look At?

When purchasing the best concrete paint, you’ll want to pay close attention to what ingredients are in the paint. Depending on what the ingredients are, the garage floor will end up lasting longer and be resistant to wear and tear over the next few years. Why spend all of your time repairing your garage only to find out that the paint won’t hold up? It’s better to consider these buying points before you settle on the best garage floor paint for a specific type of paint.

How to Choose the Best Floor Paint Material That Suits Your Needs Perfectly?

Choosing the best floor paint material is important, as this will help keep your floors in top shape. There are five main types of paints, which are used on garage floors, not all of them being paint; polyureas, urethanes, acrylics, latex, and epoxies.

In most cases, homeowners will decide to use more than one-floor paint and start to layer them on top of one another after they are dry. This can provide extra protection for your flooring. However, it should only be done if it’s known that the two materials are safe to be next to one another.

List of the Most Common Materials for Garage Floor Coating

Here’s a list of the most common materials for using the garage floor paint reviews:

Latex Garage Floor

The paint that you’ll most often see is made from latex materials. It’s commonly used in floor, wall, and craft paints. The only downside to this type of material is that it ranges on the more expensive side, but it’s one of the best choices when it comes to painting your garage floor. We’d say that this type of paint doesn’t have the best seal, but it generally works well for indoor and outdoor use. It also features quick drying times and is easy to apply without needing extra coatings.

Acrylic Garage Floor Paint

The next type of paint is called an acrylic. It needs to be put on top of a base coating or needs a primer mixed with it. Acrylic is less durable than latex, and should only be used in homes or places that don’t see a lot of action. The paint will start to peel if too hot of a surface touches it, including your car’s wheels. However, acrylic is one of the most affordable garage floor paints.

Epoxy Floor Paints

Epoxy floor paints are the middle ground when it comes to a mix of all attributes. It’s great as a stand-alone paint, but it should be used with proper knowledge. Epoxy works similarly to glue, which means it works well as s a sealant. It’s also very affordable, but you can still find higher end mixtures on the market. Lastly, epoxy is very durable, resistant to damage, and doesn’t crack, break, or peel. The only downside we’ve found using garage floor epoxy reviews is that it features very long drying times, sometimes taking days at a time.


The next best floor coating type is urethane, which is a better version of epoxy. It’s more flexible, absorbs harder impacts, and is stain resistant. This also allows it to be more resistant to chemicals, solvents and allows it to last a long time without any damage. It also doesn’t change if exposed to sunlight. However, it doesn’t work that well on concrete surfaces. It’s much thinner than epoxy and is only useful as a leveling paint.


The last material on our list is polyureas. It’s the fastest drying paint you’ll find on the market and features a full setting time of only five minutes. The downside to this is that you must know how to apply it and work fast. The mixture is durable but is excellent when used on concrete floors. However, it’s not advised to be used in places that have chemicals, as acids and solvents may wear down the coating.


The most important parameter of the floor paint is the durability. Anyone looking for a clean finish on top of concrete will need high standards compared to someone who needs a workshop. The main component you’re looking for is heat durability and chemical durability for the best garage floor paint.

Heat durability refers to heat caused by the rubber from your tires. As this will start to wear down the flooring and even cause it to melt.

However, there’s also chemical durability. Chemical durability pertains to the workshop use. Any profession that uses harsh chemicals will need to avoid certain paints, especially best concrete paint that isn’t chemical-resistant.

The Best Garage Floor Paint. Final Advice

Keeping your garage floors in the best condition possible is vital. By using the garage paint, you can ensure your floor stays protected and in the best shape possible. However, the best floor paint for garage can help prevent damage, ensure your floors stay perfect, and can last longer without needing repairs. Also by updating the paint, you’ll have a better looking garage floor. This may not be an important factor for some, but having a matching floor can make a huge difference in the appearance of the garage.

But keep in mind the different buying considerations when you choose the best garage floor paint. Always pick a paint that has been specially mixed to work on concrete for garage floors. Some may need a different coating or may only be applied as a top coat, so it’s essential you do your research. Also, consider the durability. The whole point of using new paint on your floor is to ensure that the garage floor won’t get scratched or damaged. So, unless you like applying new coatings every few years, it’s best to get one that works well.

All of the products on our list are the best garage floor paint on the market. However, there is one that stands out against others on the list and one that pops up in garage floor paint reviews. If we had to choose one, we’d select the Drylok GAL Dove Grey Paint. This product has the best balance of features regarding using it as floor paint. It features a quick drying time which allows you to get up and in your garage within 24 hours. It also can be applied directly to the surface flooring, which means less prep time and work for you. The price is also reasonable, and the amount of paint you get exceeds most on our list. We’d say that this is the best concrete paint on the market.

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