8 Best Car Alarms: The Ultimate Guide for 2019

Last Updated: 10 Feb 2019

Our information is based on the best car alarm reviews, and best car alarm research. While your vehicle may come with their own respective locking system, it may not be enough to deter someone from breaking into your car. Instead of putting yourself in a situation of having to repair a car that has been broken into, you can improve your protective security measures with the best car alarm. In this article, we will list the best car alarm 2019 and list the pros and cons of each product.

What is Car Alarm?

The best car alarm will not only deter thieves from the area but also notify you if anything is going on. Car alarms come in many forms, but a majority of them will emit a loud audible sound if anyone tries to pull the handle or lean on the car. This helps keep your vehicle safe and prevent thieves from targeting it.

Why You Need This Product

No matter if you’re a student, business owner, or just happen to have a lot of important or expensive items in your car, a car alarm keeps your vehicle safe. Many of us leave bags, laptops, and other electronics that are targeted by thieves. An excellent way to keep your items protected and prevent your car from getting broken into is a loud and reliable car alarm system.

Best Car Alarm FAQ

When it comes to the best car alarms, many people have questions about how the car alarm reviews work. Here’s a short yet descriptive FAQ answering some of the most common questions we get:

Will Car Alarms Drain My Cars Battery?

Yes, the best car alarms do end up draining your car’s battery, especially if they don’t turn off. It really depends on the type of car the alarm is installed in. If your vehicle uses the battery when you use the lights, horns, or any other components, then a car alarm can significantly add to the battery dying. Just remember that a car’s battery may already be at half capacity or less before the car alarm even gets set off, thus causing the battery to die sooner.

Do Best Car Alarms Turn off on Their Own?

This depends on what type of car you have and the type of car alarm system that’s installed. Some car alarms are set to continuously go on for up to 4 hours while others will only work for a few minutes before shutting off. However, many car alarms often don’t turn off until you turn the alarm off, causing them to drain the battery until there’s nothing left.

Can You Disconnect the Best Car Alarm?

Best car alarms do include override settings that can help you shut them off. However, not every car alarm includes this feature. It’s very easy to disconnect a car alarm system, as long as you understand how to remove the system’s fuses from your car’s fuse. If this method isn’t working, then you may also disconnect a cable which is located on the car’s battery. However, this method doesn't let you start the car, and will cut off all power to your accessories.

Who Should Install the best Car Alarm?

Having your best car alarm professionally installed can be more successful than trying to install it yourself. If the type of car alarm you have needs to be connected to other components or accessories, then you may want to contact a professional. Specific alarms may need to be wired to stereos, windows, and other accessories in your car. Doing the writing yourself may lead to some issues and could be dangerous. If you’re knowledgeable about installing systems in your vehicle, then, by all means, go ahead and try. Just be sure to read the car alarm instruction manual. Here are the current car alarms for sale.

TOP 8 Best Car Alarms Compared & Reviewed

1. Best Overall: AVITAL 5303L Review

1. Best Overall: AVITAL 5303L Review

The Avital features a security system that can keep your car protected. The remote is keyless and features an automatic start from a distance. On the key is an LCD display which shows the current settings of the alarm system. It’s important to be able to activate a car alarm with the remote, so there’s an included panic button. As for the system, it has extreme sensitivity and can pick up on anyone tampering with your car. There are four different auxiliary channels, which you can use to control the types of sensors that are activated. Lastly, you’ll get feedback on the LCD display if there are any issues.

  • Keyless & remote start
  • LCD & standard transmitters
  • Multiple level security
  • Panic button
  • 4 auxiliary outputs
  • Very sensitive alarm

2. Best For Trailers & Campers: SAFETYON Keyless Entry System Review

2. Best For Trailers & Campers: SAFETYON Keyless Entry System Review

The Safety On is the first car alarm system on our list. It’s designed for large vehicles such as trailers or campers. The system includes a deadbolt mechanism which can help boost the security of your car by making the doors hard to open. The system includes easy installation and comes with an override control to help you control the alarms. As a benefit, the system accepts two codes, which is perfect for families or couples.

  • 33-yard range
  • Keyless combination
  • Deadbolt security
  • Override switch
  • Campers & trailers
  • Only large cars

3. Best GPS Functionality: CarLock - 2nd Gen Alert System Review

3. Best GPS Functionality: CarLock - 2nd Gen Alert System Review

For anyone looking for an easy installation car system, one may like the CarLock. This best car alarm system is a smartphone-operated car alarm that enhances your vehicles security. It utilizes the OBS2 data link connection that’s already pre-installed in your car. This quick plug design allows you to get the system installed in a short amount of time. The sensors can help monitor vibrations and tampering, giving you a notification. You’ll also have the ability to track the car if it stays on the road. The built-in GPS system will make tracking so much easier, but you’ll need to pay a monthly fee to use the app.

  • Smartphone application
  • Tracking & monitoring
  • Multiple sensors
  • Instant notifications
  • Virtual mechanic
  • OBD2 plug & play
  • Monthly subscription to the app

4. Best for Parking Meter Timer: Python 5706P Review

4. Best for Parking Meter Timer: Python 5706P Review

The Python is the most affordable car system on our list for the car alarms. The Python system features a large tracking range of up to 1 mile. It features an LCD pager and car alarm with remote start that can be used up to 1 mile away. It features multiple sensors which can be adjusted, providing you the option to change the sensitivity. Included on the remote is a parking meter timer, which can help save you from getting a ticket. There are multiple accessories that you can add to the Python, so be sure to check out this sleek car system.

  • 1 mile LCD pager
  • Remote start
  • Multiple feedback
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Shock sensor
  • Multiple inputs
  • Only professionally installed

5. Best Valet Switch: Pyle Alarm System Review

5. Best Valet Switch: Pyle Alarm System Review

The Pyle Car Alarm Security System features one of the lowest alarms you’ll ever hear. You won’t need any extra relays for the system, as there are already built-in ones. This car alarm system comes with ignition locks, override command switches, and a mode that is safe to use for valets. Sadly, the only downside to this product is it has two auxiliary channels.

  • Ignition lock
  • Loud siren
  • Override command
  • Valet switch
  • Active & passive
  • 2 auxiliary outputs

6. Most Versatile: Viper 3106V Alarm System Review

6. Most Versatile: Viper 3106V Alarm System Review

The Viper Alarm System is a primary car security system. However, it’s easy to install and can have it set up very quickly without the use of a professional. It provides you with a decent level of security, but it’s only a one-way system, which means you won’t get any alerts if something does happen and the alarm is set off. Nevertheless, the avenger and stringer system can still deter devices from deciding to break into your car. The biggest downside of this best car alarm is that this unit only features two auxiliary channel system which only works for a basic setup.

  • 3 channels
  • One-way system
  • Tamper detection
  • Stinger
  • Audio alarm system
  • 2 auxiliary outputs

7. Best Range: Viper 4105V System Review

7. Best Range: Viper 4105V System Review

For all the best car alarm systems on our list, the Viper Car Alarm has the biggest range. It features a 1,500 ft transmitter range and can be installed into the automatic transmissions. It has been built with a unique system which allows you to code hop so that people won’t be able to replicate your system. If anything, you can use the Viper alarm system panic mode to help draw someone's attention away from the car. This unit would only be recommended for car owners who want a very basic system that works well.

  • Recommended for automatic transmissions
  • Two transmitters
  • 1,500 ft range
  • Panic button
  • Secure code-hopping
  • 2 auxiliary channels

8. Most Durable: Crimestopper SP-302 Alarm Review

8. Most Durable: Crimestopper SP-302 Alarm Review

The Crimestopper SP-302 System is the last car alarm system. It features an affordable alternative to other two way systems. And because of that, both of the transmitters can reach the device. Although, the system uses metal framing which helps enhance the durability of the unit. Overall, this unit has double pulse unlocking mechanisms, and you can override the alarm if needed.

  • 3,000 ft range LCD transmitter
  • 2,000 ft range companion transmitter
  • Unlock mechanism
  • Trunk release
  • Vibration & tone warnings
  • Very sensitive

Best Car Alarm Types

Picking a car alarm system can be tricky, especially if it’s your first time. You’ll want to choose one that fits your car, but there’s a huge variety of the car alarm reviews out there. The best car alarms will include a good mix of these features, or at least one;

1. Audio Car Alarms

An audio car alarm is going to be the type of the car alarm that you see the most. Some cars already come pre-installed with these alarms, and they can be useful to scare away anyone trying to get in your vehicle. They include sensors which help monitor the vibrations on your vehicle. Once there are vibrations, a loud siren will start to activate and can’t be turned off unless you do it or if it has an automatic shut off. You’ll be able to adjust the sensitivity on the car alarm to ensure it’s not triggered by a cat jumping onto your car or a bird, or even strong winds.

2. Active & Passive Car Alarms

There are two different types of car alarm systems that are useful to include in the overall car alarm package. A passive alarm is a type that initiates whenever the ignition is turned off, and all doors are closed. However, active car alarms will only be activated once you put an input to either activate or disarm the alarm or security. So if you’re forgetful, then this type of model may not be the best for you as you might accidentally set off the car alarm yourself if you forget to disarm it beforehand.

3. Two-Way Paging Car Alarms

The last type of car alarm is the two-way paging car alarms. These function similarly to the one-way system car alarms, but instead they rely on either sounds or light to activate the alarms. The two-way system will then display any information on a remote device and will notify you of what’s happening. Most of these types of alarms come with LCD modules.

Best Car Alarm Buying Guide – What To Look At?

Picking the best car alarm system requires you to have at least basic knowledge about your model of car and which car alarm can be installed into them. Every car alarm is different, so we recommend you to check the car alarm reviews to see if it can be connected to your car. If not, check with the manufacturer.

Things to Consider in a Car Alarm System

But what about the different types of aspects? In this buying guide, we’ve done the research for you. Here are the top elements that we think you should consider before you go and purchase the best car alarm. These will help you determine if the car alarm is worth it or not and help you decide which is the best car alarm.


Shock Sensors

Having multiple sensors to keep your car safe is one of the options that you could install. While vibration detection alarms are great, you should still have other countermeasures just in case one fails. It’s much harder to break into a car and try and deactivate multiple sensors rather than just one. Therefore, most thieves would instead target a different vehicle or not waste their time tampering with your vehicle.

Carjack Protection

For example, there are some systems which have door handle sensors, and there are others that have motion sensors. These can help deter any unlawful activity from going on around your car. If you drive other types of vehicles and are storing valuables, you can even install a trunk sensor or a hood sensor. Lastly, window sensors, vibration sensors, and sound sensors are all good extras but aren’t really needed.

Two-Way Remotes

There are so many cars that only include a one-way best car alarm, which doesn’t exactly notify you, especially if you’re out of hearing distance of where you parked. If you’re looking for full protection, then you may find it very useful to get feedback on what’s going on with your car. The car alarm will be triggered, or some sensor will pick up on any activity and then it will be sent to a two-way remote. This will then display what sensor got triggered and give you the option to either use the device or shut off the car alarm.

Encrypted Transmission

It’s very rare for someone to try and pry your car doors open using a crowbar. Most car thieves use hacking devices to get into electric cars and bypass the current car alarm systems already installed in the vehicle. But, by getting an encrypted car alarm system, you can prevent them from hacking your device.

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps can be a huge help when it comes to monitoring and controlling your car alarms. Instead of having to carry around another remote, you’ll get notifications through an application. The only issue with these alarm systems is that you’ll get notifications every time the car senses something. Also, the apps can only work with Android or iOS devices, making them less user-friendly. Some even include OBD2 compatibility, which allows you to perform and check the diagnostics of the car and adjust the current sensitivity.


There are two methods of getting the best car alarm installed into your car. The first method is by contacting a professional. They will be able to hook up the device without any wiring errors. There’s a large chance if you have multiple sensors you may connect them wrong if you’re doing it yourself.

Best Car Alarm: Final Advice

The best car alarm can be beneficial in so many ways. If you live in a bad neighborhood, one that has a high crime rate or even keeps important electronics or documents in your car, having a car alarm can help deter any unlawful activity going on. A thief is less likely going to try and steal out of your vehicle if it has multiple sensors that go off and alert the whole neighborhood that your car is being broken into. Just by trying to open your car doors or pry open the side, an alarm will sound and continue to sound until you turn it off.

The best car alarm will have a combination of the buying considerations we talked about in this article. Don’t try and get a very basic sound car alarm, as they won’t be that helpful regarding getting hacked or shut down by a tech-savvy thief. Instead, focus on getting multiple sensor units that can be controlled via remote or phone app. You’ll find that when you have the remote and phone app, you can get constant updates on what’s happening to your car. This can help assure you in the case that anything happens or your car security alarm gets set off. Lastly, consider how you’re going to install the system. Don’t do it yourself if you don’t understand how to hook the best car alarm system up, leave it to the professionals.

While all of the products on our list are the best car alarm systems, we still can only choose one and name it the best car alarm system. Don’t just want a cheap car alarms system.

If we had to pick one out of our eight, we’d choose the Avital 5303L Security. This unit has a hefty security system which allows you to keyless control your car and remote start. You’ll also have multi-role levels of security, providing you with more protection and control while you’re away from your vehicle. The system has extreme sensitivity and can pick up on anyone tampering with your car. The best car alarm also includes a panic mode button and four auxiliary outputs. The balance in the best car alarm is the key. Thus this model is the best car alarm to buy in 2019.

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