7 Best ATV Batteries: Top-picks to Buy in 2019

08 Aug 2019

In recent years, everyone could notice a rather strong growth in the popularity of ATVs. An increasing number of people start to prefer this very convenient and easy to manage means of transport. Of course, the growth of their sales provokes a higher demand for all sorts of components for them. One of them is the best ATV battery. The choice of a high-quality accumulator for the quad is a very serious task. The market offers a relatively broad range of options, which differ in specifications, brand, and many other features. If you buy the best ATV battery, your trips will be comfortable at any time of the year.


The service life of the best ATV battery varies depending on the manufacturer. Often, drivers do not pay attention and charge the best ATV battery, not to the end. In connection with it, the device quickly fails, and there is a need to change it every season. But with proper maintenance and charging, the accumulator can work not just a couple of seasons, but up to 10 years and more. One example of a great battery is the Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery.


Either conventional lead-acid or AGM accumulators are commonly used for ATVs. The second option is much more expensive but more suitable for ATVs since this type of transport is used for off-road driving at various temperatures. AGM battery is highly resistant to vibrations and temperature extremes.


The best ATV battery is an essential part of the electrical equipment of any ATV because, without it, you will not be able to start the engine. Besides, not one of the components of electrical equipment, such as lights or radio, will be able to work without an accumulator.


Such a device usually has a power voltage of 12 A and the capacity of such a device ranges from 5 Amp hours to 20 and 30 A/h. The larger the capacity, the better it is. It means that there will be more attempts to start the engine in a considerable frost.

TOP 7 Best ATV Batteries Compared and Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Odyssey Battery Review

1. Best Overall: Odyssey Battery Review

The most important advantage of this best ATV battery is the duration of its work, which ranges from 3 to 10 years. Despite the fact that it is small, it has a capacity of 13 amps, and it can withstand up to 400 charge cycles.

It is powerful enough that will give you the opportunity to use powerful elements of electrical equipment, such as a powerful headlamp. And you can be sure that the battery is completely sealed, even if you are driving on the off-road. Thanks to the cold-start amplifier of 150 kilopascals, this device is extremely resistant to low temperatures, so you can ride even in winter.

  • Pretty powerful
  • Withstands low temperatures without problems
  • Vibration resistant
  • Long service life
  • High price

2. Best Power: Mighty Max Battery Review

2. Best Power: Mighty Max Battery Review

This is quite a powerful device that carries a good cold temperature. It has a capacity of 8 amps per hour and is perfect for an average size quad bike. In time this device is used, the battery slowly discharges so you can use it even in the most difficult off-road conditions. Also, this option has a high resistance to vibrations and is hermetic, so acid will not spill out. The accumulator is durable enough, and it doesn't require additional maintenance. Also, the manufacturer provides a warranty for 1 year. Most importantly, make sure that this model fits your quad bike. In general, this is an excellent model that has good quality.

  • Low price
  • Cold start booster 200 CCA
  • Works great at low temperatures
  • High vibration resistance
  • Not a heavy duty device

3. Best Versatile: Expert Power Battery Review

3. Best Versatile: Expert Power Battery Review

This is a versatile compact accumulator that can be used not only on an ATV but also on other types of transport. You do not have to spend a lot of time installing it. This is a durable model that has an external plastic ABS case. Its contents will not leak out even in strong off-road conditions.

As for the capacity of this best ATV battery, it is 7 Ampere/hour. You can also choose the appropriate option from several sizes and capacity depending on the model of your vehicle. The only drawback is that it tolerates cold temperatures very poorly. Still, it is great for riding at any temperature above zero.

  • Low cost
  • You can choose the appropriate size and capacity
  • Sealed
  • Good vibration resistance
  • Cannot be used at sub-zero temperatures

4. Best ATV Battery for Cold Weather: Yuasa Battery Review

4. Best ATV Battery for Cold Weather: Yuasa Battery Review

The capacity of this Chinese ATV battery is 18 Amps per hour, making it one of the best heavy-duty options on the market. The power amplifier mark is 270 CCA, which makes this model excellent for use in cold weather.

Thanks to lead-calcium technology, this accumulator has a high resistance to vibration and is very durable.

Also, this device is very compact in size which makes it versatile, which means you can use it with different types of vehicles.

  • High power
  • Super resistant to low temperatures
  • Durable
  • Robust construction
  • Compact size
  • This is one of the very expensive accumulators on the market and is the most expensive in this review

5. Best Compact: Throttlex Batteries Review

5. Best Compact: Throttlex Batteries Review

This is one of the lightest and most compact radiators. Its power is 12 amps, which is enough for any quad bike. Due to the fact that this 12v ATV battery has a standard form, it suits any accumulator compartment without problems. Like other models in this review, this best ATV battery is airtight and resistant to vibrations and shocks. As for resistance to low temperatures, this is not a problem for this option.

  • Lightweight 11 pounds
  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Sealed
  • Good power
  • Resistant to cold temperatures
  • All of the above characteristics make the cost of this device quite high

6. Best Cheap ATV Battery: ExpertPower ATV Battery Review

6. Best Cheap ATV Battery: ExpertPower ATV Battery Review

If you need a quality ATV battery for a limited budget, consider this one. The power of this device is 7 amps per hour, which is enough for any quad bike. Like other models in this review, it is characterized by good tightness and resistance to low temperatures. Also, you will not experience difficulties while driving on the road as this best ATV battery has good resistance to shock and vibration.

  • Budget
  • Suitable for any quad
  • Good performance even at low temperatures
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • Its power is significantly lower compared to other models

7. Best Resistance against Shocks and Vibrations: UPG Battery Review

7. Best Resistance against Shocks and Vibrations: UPG Battery Review

This best ATV battery is designed for you if you are looking for a device for off-road driving, as it has a very high resistance to impact with different vibrations. This compact and lightweight model has a capacity of 18 amps an hour, which makes it ideal for driving at low temperatures.

Also, the advantage of this device is relatively long service life. The only thing to remember is that you have to charge it completely every time; otherwise, it will fail prematurely.

  • High power
  • Long term work
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Shock resistant
  • It is necessary to charge it to the end each time; otherwise, the work period will be significantly reduced


By design, features of best ATV batteries are divided into three types:

  1. With Liquid Electrolyte
  2. They can be both serviced and unattended. High water consumption is found in this type, which makes the maintenance not a very simple task. After replacing antimony with calcium in the alloy composition of the negative plate, so-called hybrid kinds appeared. These best ATV batteries are more convenient to use. Still, they have one drawback − they totally discharge, especially in unfavorable temperature conditions.
  3. Gel
  4. Here, the electrolyte is in a condensed state due to the addition of silicon. However, these are very capricious accumulators. They require strict observance of operating conditions and are sensitive to temperature changes. They cope well with excessive discharge and do not require additional maintenance.
  5. AGM

This is the most modern type of accumulators, combining all the advantages of the previous versions. The design of this best ATV battery is such that the battery can work, even if its shell is slightly damaged. It will work even in cold, deep discharges. The only vulnerability of such a type is its sensitivity to voltage drops. This problem can be solved by controlling the operation of the generator and using a reliable charger. Honda ATV battery and Everstart ATV battery represent this type.


Choosing an ATV battery for sale for any transport vehicle is a serious occupation that requires care. Therefore, when choosing, you should consider the following details.

1. Battery Type

As already mentioned, two types of batteries can be used for quad bikes − lead-acid or AGM. While the first is relatively affordable, the second type of the best ATV battery is more expensive but provides more advantages. This includes a large capacity, which makes it possible not only to start the engine but to use powerful elements of electrical equipment. Also, these options have a high resistance to vibration and shock that makes them ideal for use in off-road conditions. Also, AGM accumulators are necessary for use during low temperatures.

2. Is the Battery Suitable for Your Vehicle?

Here, we are talking about compatibility. You need to purchase the best battery for ATV that meets the standards specified by the manufacturer. If the battery is higher in capacity than your vehicle requires, you risk having problems with the charging system, which is fraught with severe damage. The second important aspect of compatibility is the form of the device itself – it should fit your ATV. Before buying, be sure to read the specification so as not to be mistaken with the choice.

3. How Big Is the Capacity?

As mentioned above, if the device capacity exceeds the requirements stated by the manufacturer, you will get serious malfunctions. Besides, if the capacity will be higher, such an accumulator will always remain charged, but not entirely. It will fail faster. Therefore, instead of 3 or 5 years of service, you will get a maximum of a couple of seasons at best. Moreover, it is a threat to your life and health.

4. What About Low-Temperature Resistance?

The higher the mark of the cold start amplifier, the greater the likelihood that you will get a device that will work even in freezing weather without failures. Take into account the fact that if you leave the quad in the street, the cold start amplifier should be very high.

5. How Recognizable Is the Manufacturer?

A proven brand usually takes care of an extended warranty period for 110 ATV batteries and applies modern technologies in their creation. Here, there is nothing complicated. The more famous and reliable the brand, the better the quality. Again, when choosing a brand, read reviews from users. Polaris ATV battery and Napa ATV battery, for example, have excellent reviews, just like any product in this review has, too.

6. How Long Is Service Life?

This is the number of charging cycles that the device can withstand. The higher it is, the longer you will use it. For example, an indicator higher than 3000 and more is a guarantee that you get a very durable option.

7. How Much Money are You Willing to Spend?

You must understand that lithium-ion ATV battery or another with excellent technical performance will not be cheap. In this case, it is better to pay more money once and get the device that you will use for more than one year. You should understand that a cheap one should be replaced much more often.

8. What Users ATV Battery Reviews Say?

When choosing a product, the opinion of people who have already purchased it is critical. Take the trouble to study all lithium ATV battery reviews about each model of an accumulator. For example, understand how effective it is to avoid problems in the future.


The best ATV battery is one of the critical components of its proper operation. A powerful accumulator will allow you not only to start the engine correctly but to use various types of electrical equipment. You can put a powerful headlamp, high-quality audio system or radio, heating and much more.

When choosing the best ATV battery, you should pay attention to its capacity, resistance to low temperatures. You should also check compliance with the size and capacity of your vehicle type, brand awareness and price category, user reviews, and service life. Compliance with all correspondences will allow you to choose a device that will ensure the correct operation of the vehicle in conditions of low temperatures and off-road riding.

The best ATV battery 2019 in this review is Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery. This is a very high-quality option that has a life span of 4000 charges and is characterized by high power. It is also completely sealed and highly resistant to low temperatures. Plus, it will fit any type of quad bike. If you want to purchase a more budget best ATV battery or with other qualities, you can consider other options presented in this review.

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