5 Best Air Hammers: Comprehensive Guide 2019

08 Aug 2019

The best air hammer is an indispensable tool when you need to remove various coatings, as well as the destruction of building structures. This is one of the most optimal types of devices for dismantling. Its main advantage is the complete absence of sparks. Thanks to this advantage, hammers can be used even in conditions of increased risk of explosions or fires. You can find such options in the list "The best air hammer 2019" below.

TOP 5 Best Air Hammers Compared and Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Ingersoll Rand 122 MAX Review

1. Best Overall: Ingersoll Rand 122 MAX Review

The first is Ingersoll Rand 122MAX review. This air hammer is versatile because it has many useful features and is incredibly powerful. The option includes a set of 5 chisels, a special carrying case, and a special quick release lock in the kit.

The design of this best air hammer is very comfortable and ergonomic as well as a rubber grip that allows you to use it for both difficult and simple tasks since your hands will not get tired.

A distinctive feature is the anti-vibration function which reduces the device vibration by 30% compared to other models. Thanks to the quick release lock, you can quickly replace the chopper. The price of this product is much more expensive than other models on the market, but the range of advantages that would receive it fully justifies it.

  • 30% less vibration
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rubber grip
  • Quick release lock
  • High power
  • A set of 5 quality chisels included
  • Suitable for complex and simple tasks
  • High price;
  • Only one-year warranty from the manufacturer

2. Best Power: Ingersoll Rand 114GQC Review

2. Best Power: Ingersoll Rand 114GQC Review

This is quite a powerful air hammer for sale that you can use for medium and heavy tasks. Ingersoll Rand Air hammer 114GQC has a solid construction and good build quality. When you buy this tool, you get a quick-release retainer, contour grip, and 4500 beats per minute. Many users also like the fact that despite the fact that this tool is quite powerful, its price is not very high. At the same time, not everyone likes the fact that manufacturers provide only a one-year warranty on the tool. Some other users admit in Ingersoll Rand 114GQC review that the handle can slide after long work.

  • Good assembly quality
  • Powerful
  • Quick release lock included
  • Affordable price
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • The barrel has an average length that increases the work life
  • After long work, the handle starts to slide
  • Only one-year warranty from the manufacturer

3. Best Durability: Sunex SX243 Review

3. Best Durability: Sunex SX243 Review

This is a durable and ergonomic designed hammer that has a capacity of 2,200 beats per minute. It is great for light and medium-sized tasks. It is quite powerful and maneuverable that many users like. Thanks to the aluminum alloy case, you can be sure that you are buying an air hammer for sale for many years. The only nuance that suits not all users is the weight of this best air hammer. It is more than 5 and a half pounds, which is not convenient for everyone.

  • Powerful enough
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable thanks to an aluminum housing
  • Convenient adjustment knob
  • Good price
  • The weight of the device does not suit everyone

4. Best Warranty Period: Air Chisel Hammer Review

4. Best Warranty Period: Air Chisel Hammer Review

This air hammer for sale has a robust design and ergonomic design, are one of the best options for light and medium tasks such as home repair. Also with the help of this air hammer chisel, you can cut concrete and even some thin metals. The shock-absorbing handle adds comfort to the work process. The advantage is in three chisels which are included in the kit of the option. The undeniable advantage is a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Among the shortcomings worth mentioning is the lack of technical support from the brand and the difficulty of finding information for users. Some users do not like the weight of the product which is more than 5 pounds. They always mention it in every Dewalt air chisel hammer review.

  • 3 years’ warranty from the manufacturer
  • 3 chisels included
  • Good price
  • Comfortable handle
  • Heavyweight
  • Difficulties with user information

5. Best for Automotive Equipment: Chicago Review

5. Best for Automotive Equipment: Chicago Review

This is one of the best air hammers that are suitable for use with trucks, automotive and off-road equipment. Its capacity is 1800 beats per minute, which is quite enough for such tasks. Thanks to the presence of a spool valve, you get a positive action trigger which increases the quality control. For extra power, you can use a 498-inch chisel which is also included. In general, this is the most powerful pneumatic hammer, KK which are ideal for installing the beams of the bulldozer, removing the springs and bushings, and for other work on the front end.

  • The most air hammer to work in the automotive field
  • Positive trigger
  • Chisel included
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very high price


The best air hammer is used for loosening hard and frozen ground, punching openings and holes in brick walls of buildings. It is used for dismantling brick masonry, breaking the ice, blasting coal of various strength, mining soft ores, clay, slate, and other works. Such hammers have many advantages. They are safe, have high impact energy with low mass. They also feature high reliability, durability, and simplicity of design. These characteristics make such an air tool more attractive than the electric air hammer. However, it is necessary to understand that you will need a compressor or the main network of compressed air for the operation of the best air hammers.


The best air chisel is a high-quality pneumatic tool which is used for quick cutting of bolts, working with various exhaust systems. It is designed for cutting and bending sheet metal, cleaning surfaces, removing different bolts, rivets, and studs, punching holes, etc. A chisel is an indispensable tool for carrying out various works in hard-to-reach places, especially in those where the use of a hammer is impossible.


The best air hammers are divided into three groups:
  1. Lightweight (up to 5 kg)
  2. They are designed for home use. Such tools are considered lightweight. The main advantage of this group is versatility. Due to the small mass of the device, it is convenient to use it in a horizontal position. It has a low capacity, sufficient to perform certain operations in the domestic environment, for example, to remove tiles, remove paving slabs, etc. It can be applied at height and in cramped conditions;
  3. Medium (5-10 kg)
  4. It is used in repair and construction efforts on horizontal surfaces. It is harder to work with them in a flat mode, but they are more potent than the representative of the previous class, so they are used for complex tasks. Medium power allows coping with more pressing tasks, such as dismantling monolithic structures and removing asphalt pavement;
  5. Heavy (10-30 kg)
  6. Such best air hammers are used in heavy construction and industry for the dismantling of large buildings, foundation and ground works. It is difficult to imagine working on the foundation of a house being built or working with frozen soil to a considerable depth without such kind of option. As a result, we can say that a large mass of the bump stop means more power.


You must choose a device based on the work you are going to do with it. Nevertheless, when buying a pneumatic hammer, you must be guided by the following criteria.

1. Power

Best air hammers in the lightweight category are great for light tasks. However, for instance, metal cutting tasks are too much for lightweight versions. On the contrary, a too heavy pneumatic hammer will be inconvenient if you plan to use it only for domestic work. The ideal solution would be to buy a device that can produce between two to 3000 beats per minute. Such a tool you can use for both light and more complex tasks.

2. Barrel

The authentic trunk depends on the suitability of the device for the goals you set for it. For example, the best air hammers that have a short barrel are perfect for cutting metal, making repairs at home, or removing wheel studs.

3. Tank Capacity

If you buy an air impact hammer for home use, be sure to check out what power of airflow is needed for your model. This is necessary to get excellent performance. Otherwise, you risk not using all the capabilities of your device or even break it.

4. Trigger Quality

Give preference to an air hammer for sale that has a progressively increasing trigger. This will protect you from damage and give you more control over the tool.

5. Warranty duration

Everything is evident here. The more extended the warranty, the more opportunities you have to replace the faulty one or fix the failure of a device that is not working correctly.

6. Air Hammer Reviews

Before buying, be sure to read each air hammer review of real users. This will let you understand how the device shows itself in real life and what to expect from it.


The best air hammer is a mechanical tool designed to crack, destroy, and loosen relatively solid building materials, concrete products, asphalt, sedimentary rocks, etc. There two kinds of such tools: lightweight, medium, and heavy. They are designed to perform tasks of varying complexity. When buying the best air hammer, pay attention to its power, quality of the trigger, warranty period, barrel length, and user reviews. Be sure that you select the right compressor for your device. The best air hammer in the rating “The best air hammer 2019” is Ingersoll Rand 122MAXK Short Barrel. This is the most powerful air hammer, which is suitable for medium and heavy-duty tasks and comes complete with five chisels. Also, this device has excellent reviews of real users, which confirms its effectiveness.
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